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COVID-19 Actually Originated In India: Chinese Research

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ccording to the reports published in Beijing by The Chinese Academy Of Sciences, COVID-19 actually originated in India in Summer Of 2019, somewhere between July & August while contradictorily Wuhan was just the region where 1st Man-To-Man Transmission occurred.

Early, this year, when COVID-19 set an international peak in the whole world, China alone was being badmouthed as COVID-19’s Origin Factor but actually, COVID-19 Originated In India & it was actually responsible for the origin of this lethal disease.

The Chinese Report Draft clearly challenges the international opposition being laid on The People’s Republic alone. It says in the report that Wuhan cannot be the origin of COVID-19 as the virus found in Wuhan was already mutated in the previous human populations.

Moreover, Geographical Information of COVID-19 RNA suggests that the gradual level of mutation points towards India alone so COVID-19 must have originated in India. Also, Phylogenetic Analysis, a technique used to study mutation sequences of a virus prior to its origin, further suggests that the intensity of the COVID-19 Outbreak was at Ground State while being at Wuhan, while the Outbreak in India seen in the following days (Still Ongoing) was much severe than Wuhan’s proving COVID-19 originated in India.

The Reason for India being the origin of COVID-19 according to the Chinese Report is that India had faced a severe Heat Wave between May & June in 2019. This ultimately caused a Water Shortage which was compensated by Humans but not animals. As a result, a deadly fight started between animals for the competition of water. The major visible part of it was the Monkeys which are considered common in human societies in India. This caused a high rate of Human-Animal Interactions which eventually proved as the Cause Of COVID-19 originated in India.

Another reason that China suggests India as COVID-Origin is the Layers Of Mutations. Like Bangladesh, India had the least layers of Mutations pointing it out as the origin of COVID-19. The Chinese Reports further express that the Unhygienic Condition of Indian Slums is favourable to the origin of COVID.

Here is what they quote;

As known for all, the hygiene condition is imperfect and the public medical system is less efficient in the subcontinent. Thus, it is conceivable that a virus with flu-like symptom could spread undetectably for several months there.

In Conclusion, COVID-19 is the Sum Of Unhyeigenic Enviourment & Prevailing Healthcare Establishment Issues pointing nowhere but Slums of Mumbai. The fact to be considered in this regard is that the origin of

COVID in India doesn’t make it the culprit someone to be badmouthed as it was a completely unintentional phenomenon. In these hours of unrest, Let’s Stay Apart While Keeping Hearts Close, & believe, “It Would Come To An End”.

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